The Centre for the Development and Knowledge Transfer is an organizational unit of the University of Primorska (UP). It acts as an office for the transfer of knowledge and technology. Centre is a member of the technology transfer offices in Slovenia and the Association of Technology Transfer Professionals of Slovenia (SI - TT Association), which is the central connecting link between Slovenian technology transfer experts.


Centre’s role is related to implementing the activities of the University in promoting creative work and in favor of marketing inventions at UP, like:

  • Identification of opportunities for inventions and management of relevant contracts for marketing and dissemination of finished products or. services
  • Performing professional, administrative and technical tasks in taking over inventions
  • Concern for the insurance of inventions made at UP
  • Concern for the maintenance of patents
  • Issuance of expert opinions related to the planned activities a and in the marketing of inventions at the University to effectively encourage the creativity of researchers and students at UP.