Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is an independent legal field that regulates the exclusive rights to dispose of individual categories that we protect with intellectual property. The entrepreneurial nature of intellectual property rights also requires proper management of them.

Intellectual property rights are of great importance from an economic point of view, as they represent for the holder the possibility of exclusive disposal of the object, which he protects with intellectual property. As a result, intellectual property rights affect the competitiveness of right holders (eg companies) in the market, and their impact is also reflected in research and development, investment, new jobs, etc ..

Centre for Development and Knowledge Transfer offers the following services in this area:

- advice on intellectual property rights and protection procedures

- IP audit: identification of intellectual property in the company or on the product

- consulting in the field of contractual intellectual property law

- consulting in the development of intellectual property strategy in the company

- implementation of trainings for companies and innovations